is an online platform where customers are provided the easy-to-use tools to customize almost any product online. It’s as easy as; Selecting a product you love, creating a design or uploading an image to that product and sit-down and enjoy that product delivered right to your door. From t-shirts and hoodies to funny ties and puzzles, we offer a wide range of plain, printable novelty items. Nobody can express you better than you!


It all began when two guys sat down and decided they wanted to start making geeky products to sell; whether they were funny t-shirts to show off to friends or coasters and magnets to lighten the mood at work. Their business flourished when they launched a politically humorous design; “Hatooly Ragel”. And then it started…

The company’s Facebook page was their point of sales. Word-of-mouth was their marketing. And exceptional customer service was their advantage. With an over-flow of inbox messages, they listened to customer requests; it was obvious that people love to express themselves. What better way to express your love for coffee than stating it on a mug? And GeeqShop did what it does best; listened to its customers.


GeeqShop now operates for individuals online who have custom printing requests in the Greater Cairo Area and Alexandria, Egypt. If it’s creating a personalized gift, supporting your favorite team or bragging about your wedding invitations, we have the solution for you. Custom prints on anything printable. All in one spot.

GeeqShop also caters to companies, events, communities and teams. We removed the idea of minimum order amounts because it’s useless to purchase 100 t-shirts when you only have 10 employees. Brand your company the way you want, we promise we have the solution for you.


We aim to be the #1 provider for any customized product on-demand to the entire Middle East. Based on previous rapid expansion, we expect to be selling to some new countries soon. New products and designs are being released every month. Our success model has been led by our GeeqShop community this far and we’ve been enjoying the creativity. We don’t plan on changing that any time soon.


Our product catalog ranges over 25 products and it is continuously expanding. To view our products, click here. Our main categories include; clothing, accessories, fun stuff and office space. Feel free to browse through each category and we hope you enjoy what you see!

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